[ The Only Contract That Rewards You For Loyalty ]

Sparkle is one of the first loyalty-based smart contracts designed to reward all users within its ecosystem. Let your loyalty remove the randomization process from staking and receive daily rewards with confidence.

Available Across The Most Popular Ethereum Wallets

Cross Platform

Scrupulously crafted a beautiful web3 interface that provides a unique experience while connecting to any compatible ethereum wallet.

Free To Use

Free for everyone to use, no registration fees or hidden costs. Simply create an account and follow our deposit instruction to get started in under 5 minuets.

Daily Rewards

No need to run a vpn, additional nodes or keep your wallet open. Your loyalty is guaranteed to generate rewards daily and withdraw your tokens at any time.

Loyalty Accelerator

Not satisfied with 15% returned annually? Add a daily multiplier to accelerate your reward cycle and boost your daily returns for an extra 15%

Standard Loyalty

Free for all users

Enjoy sparkles standard reward rate returned annually to all loyalty participants.

Loyalty Accelerator

0.2 ETH

Select our basic loyalty accelerator and increases your daily reward rate by 10%.

Loyalty Accelerator

0.3 ETH

Select our premium loyalty accelerator to increases your daily reward rate by 15%.

Personalize Your Dashboard

track your rewards

Sparkle has scrupulously crafted a beautiful web3 interface that provides a unique experience while connecting to any compatible ethereum wallet.

Track your loyalty and personalize your daily reward plan to suit your investment strategy. Receive statistical updates on your current APR, compare your results with other loyalty miners.

Loyalty FAQ

Still have some questions? Dont worry we've provided and quick beginner's guide to help you get started. If you have additional concerns or need assistance you can reach our developers via email or join our telegram community to contact our friendly support team.

Sparkle Proof of loyalty or PoL is an innovative smart contract designed to reward user's for simply holding Sparkle tokens. The solution stems from various apparent issues found in many staking mechanisms currently available. By removing the randomization process Sparkle's PoL can deliver a more accurate rate of return to all participants.
Getting started with sparkle is extremely easy. First you'll need to acquire SPRKL from a supported exchange and deposit your tokens to any compatible ethereum wallet. After setting up your wallet, create an account with sparkle loyalty and follow the simple deposit instruction on your dashboard to start your loyalty rewards cycle.
Loyalty rewards can be claimed every 24 hours after verifying your timestamp. Simply log into your dashboard, verify your block loyalty and claim your daily reward. Its that easy! (Note) Rewards are not distributed until you withdraw all tokens from your loyalty account, thus completing your loyalty cycle. You can continue claiming rewards for as long as you want and withdraw tokens whenever necessary.
You can withdraw your loyalty at any given time. If you wish to reenter the contract after you've withdrawn your tokens. Simply follow the deposit instructions on your dashboard with the new loyalty amount.